FAQ – Ultimate Shield® Apparel
*Free US Shipping on Orders Over $40+
"Above all take up the SHIELD OF FAITH with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." { Ephesians 6:16 }
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    How do I get started?

    1. Install the App.

    2. Open the App.

    3. Set Commission (Profit) on product.

    4. Set your Email.

    5. Click on the "Update Setting"

    6. Refresh the Ultimate Shield App.

    7. Choose product you want to import to your store.

    8. Check the front end or back end of your store to review imported products.

    9. When someone place an order.

    10.Go to Ultimate Shield App "List of Orders" to pay only the wholesale price of the ordered item including shipping if applicable. Note: A $10 shipping charge will automatically be applied/added to the wholesale price for any international orders.

    11.Ultimate Shield receive your order and fulfill it automatically directly to your customers.

    Why Dropship Ultimate Shield Products?

    1. Great Profit Margins On Tees, Jewelry, & Gifts.
    2. Free Shipping (USA).
    3. 10 Yrs Experience in the Christian Apparel Industry.

    Will my customers know I am dropshipping?

    No indication that it came from a dropshipping supplier. It looks like it came directly from you!

    How can I cancel an order?

    Please send us an email of the order# at ultimateshieldapparel@gmail.com to cancel. You must cancel within 12 hours of placement of the order.

    We ship globally!

    We are a USA supplier, but we can ship worldwide!

    What are the shipping costs for your products?

    Shipping in the USA is free. For all orders outside the USA, shipping rate is $10.

    Note: A $10 shipping charge will automatically be applied/added to the wholesale price of any International Order. 

    Do you accept returns?

    We believe in world-class customer service, that's why your customers have 15 days return policy after delivery, if they don't like it. After 15 days the item cannot be returned.

    Do I need to have a credit card on file to sell your products?

    No, but Before we fulfill any orders, you will have to pay with your credit/debit card only the wholesale prices (cost prices) of the items that was placed on your store by your customers. We will not ship any orders until we receive a payment for the orders.

    What are your shipping times?

    Free Shipping on all orders in the USA. Your order is hand picked and shipped from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. Once the order has shipped, a tracking number will automatically be sent to your email. Orders ship within 2-3 business days and are shipped via UPS.

    can I use ultimate shield app if i live outside the usa?

    Yes. As long as you have a Shopify store, you can use the Ultimate Shield App. We also ship internationally.

    how do i cancel my ultimate shield app subscription? will uninstalling the app cancel the subscription?

    Yes. Delete the Ultimate Shield App.

    how long does it take for customers to receive their merchandise?

    On average merchandise is shipped from our facility 2-3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-8 days for domestic (USA) and 1-4 weeks for international).

    what if a customer want to make change to their order?

    To make a change to an order, you must notify ultimateshieldapparel@gmail.com with your request. You may request to change size, change color or cancel order within 12 hours of purchase.

    Can I sell Ultimate Shield product on other marketplace?

    Yes. You can sell our product on Facebook shop, Amazon and eBay through shopify sales channels.